Coupons4CapeCod featured on Acorns’ Grow blog

Coupons4CapeCod owner, Cindy Glavin, was recently featured in an article titled “Shopping experts share 10 of their best tips for finding great deals online”. The article asked shopping experts to share their favorite strategies, including their go-to review sites, price comparison tools, and money-saving strategies to help consumers make well-informed purchases online.

Here’s what Cindy had to say:

Cash back platforms like CouponCabin and tools like Capital One Shopping pay you to make purchases through their websites, apps, and browser extensions. These programs “combine spending money with earning money by giving members a percentage of what they spend on qualifying purchases,” says Cindy Glavin, a shopping expert and the founder of Coupons4CapeCod.

Your credit card may also offer cash back. An easy way to find out is to visit the website for your credit card and look for a benefits page, or Google the name of your credit card and “benefits.”

We are so happy to have been featured and asked to provide some tips on saving money while shopping online! You can read the rest of the article here: